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Write For Us – Fashion, Beauty, Outfits, Hair Care, Tattoos

Write For Us - Fashion, Beauty, Outfits, Hair Care, Tattoos

If you are looking for quality guest posting on fashion, beauty, outfits, hair care, and tattoos, then TheStyleCrusader can be your best option. 

This platform offers the best place for all fashion enthusiast who wants to showcase their field of experience to our audience. However, we have some guidelines that you need to follow before submitting a post on our website.

Guest Post Guidelines:

1. Topics: 

Here are some of the topic ideas that we prefer, so make sure that your content should be related to the following topics:

  • Fashion:

The article should be related to the unique fashion style that people are following nowadays. Example: “How To Wear A Perfect Liquid Eyeliner”, “Tips To Walk in Style”, “Trending Sunglasses To Wear in this Summer”, “Types of Nails Designs”, etc. 

  • Beauty:

Here, your article should be related to the treatment or products that can improve the person’s physical attractiveness. You can cover the topics on “Makeup Ideas”, “How to Get Glowing Skin”, “How to do Facial”, “Eye Cream That Removes Dark Circles”, “Best Foundations To Remove Dark Spots”, etc.

  • Outfits:

We believe an outfit can change your personality completely and increase your confidence before others. We accept articles that are related to western tradition and culture. For Example: “Best Short Skirts To Try This Summer”, “Different Types of Western Outfits”, “High Low Skirt Outfits”, “Dresses To Wear with High Heels”, “Best Dresses That Go With Black Shoes”, etc. 

  • Hair Care:

Hair is one of the most precious parts of our body. We always try to provide solutions to our visitors regarding hair issues or hair styling. We accept topics such as “How To Style Your Short Hair for the Wedding”, “Factors to Consider before Hair Transplant”, “Bandana Headband Styles”, “How To Make Your Hair Shiny”, “How To Protect Your Hair from Pollution”, etc. 

  • Tattoos:

Tattoos are trending in this today’s world. Celebrities are the main reasons why youths are developing their interest in tattoos. So, here we accept topics such as “Different Types Of Tattoos”, “Tattoos for Teenagers”, “Tattoos for Adults”, “Best Tattoos for Male”, etc. 

2. Length:

The length of the article should be above 1000+ or 1500+ words because we believe that a length article contains a good piece of information that is described in detail. At the same time, it also helps in ranking which helps us to gain visibility and traffic. 

We never accept thin content that we think is not useful for our audience in terms of information. Our readers are our first priority and we cannot afford to lose them at any cost. 

3. Original:

We believe in originality and creativity. Your article should not be copied and pasted from anywhere. It should be created 100% original and readers friendly. Moreover, there should be no grammar or spelling mistakes. 

You need to write for the readers and keep yourself in their place. No promotional article will be accepted because it might harm our website’s status. So, make sure before submitting an article to us, check it on Copyscape

4. Structure:

According to SEO experts, the structure of a high-quality article helps in ranking and gaining the chances of appearing in Featured Snippet.  

Your article must contain Introduction, Body & Conclusion. It should be divided into short paragraphs with proper H2, H3, H4, etc. The article should also contain bullet points and Frequently Asked Questions

5. SEO Friendly 

The Search Engine Result Page is filled with the competition with high authority websites. So, we believe that a high-quality article can help us appear on the search engine result page easily. 

To make your article SEO-friendly, make sure you use the Focus Keyword in the Introduction, Heading, Body, and in the Conclusion. You must also use the LSI to make it a high-quality article that can be easy to appear on the SERPs. 

6. Images:

An article is incomplete without images. Our visitors are mostly millennials who like to explore images while reading. So, you need to provide an image attached to the article while sending. 

You can also provide infographics that make your article user-friendly and can fascinate any reader on our platform. You can design your own images or take the images from royalty-free platforms such as Freepik, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc.

7. Links Allowed:

We allow only one do-follow link per article only if the proper instructions are followed. However, the outbound links must be related to the article. 

Keep in mind, we don’t accept Casino, Gambling, Tobacco, and CBD links or posts. Our website is niche-based and we would love to maintain the same in the long run. 

8. Samples:

If you still have some confusion then no need to worry. We are there to help you in any manner we can! To make your way clear, we have listed the following samples to make your article engaging and user-friendly.

How To Submit An Article?

You can submit your article to us at info.theStyleCrusader@gmail.com or you can also Contact Us directly by filling the form. 

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