What To Wear With A Red Skirt?

Red is the symbol of love and passion. If you are going for an important function or meeting then wearing something red should be on your list, as it shows confidence. Be it a date or an office meeting wearing red will surely give your outfit an upper edge. When it comes to red-colored clothing then the most preferable one is a red skirt. A Red skirt is a very simple way to cooperating red color in your clothing, a skirt is comfortable, easy to wear and is suitable for almost all occasions.

A cute red skirt will surely elevate your style game, only if you know what to wear with it. If you are oblivious of what goes well with a red skirt then don’t worry because, in this blog, we will give you 10 ideas to style a red skirt.

10 Ideas to Style Your Red Skirt

10 Ideas to Style Your Red Skirt

A red skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing but not everything goes well with it. Here are 10 ideas you should try with your red skirt.

1. Red skirt with a denim shirt

A denim shirt is a very versatile piece of clothing and is the best companion with your red skirt. You can either tuck in your shirt in your skirt or let it out, you can also tie a knot at the end of the shirt to make it look extra chic.

2. Red skirt with polka dot blouse

Want to style your skirt retro style? Then what can be better than pairing it with a black and white polka-dotted blouse? This style is suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. You can either tuck in your blouse and pair it with a belt or you can let it out. This style of styling red skirt looks stunning.

3. Red skirt with a striped t-shirt and denim jacket

Want to style your red skirt for the spring season? Then you should definitely give this combo a chance. Wearing a striped t-shirt with a red skirt has always been on-trend, and throwing on a denim jacket will further enhance your style game. You can pair this combo with a hat to further give this dressing pair a spring vibe.

4. Red skirt with a white blouse and printed scarf

This chic-looking combo will surely set you apart. White and red are a match made in heaven and what could be a better way to cooperate this color combo than a white t-shirt and red skirt. Here, you can tuck in your white tee or keep it out, it is up to you. A printed scarf and beautiful nails will add stars to your outfit.

5. High-waisted red pencil bottom with leopard print blouse

What could be a better way of looking bold than wearing a leopard-printed blouse? A Leopard printed blouse is a stunning piece of clothing in itself and pairing it with a cute red skirt will look bomb. Tuck your leopard print blouse in your skirt and throw in s good leather belt and you will look something straight out of a fashion magazine.

6. Red skirt with tucked-in sweater and overcoat

If you want to rock a red skirt in winter then we have a perfect combo for you. Tuck your sweater in your red skirt and then top it up with a classy overcoat. This combo is best suited for formal occasions where you wish to rock a red skirt. If you want to further elevate this look then try playing with your sweater’s collar type, try a turtle neck or a V-neck, it is up to you.

7. Red pencil skirt with a white cropped top

Red pencil skirts are all-time famous in the red skirt category. A pencil skirt is best for all formal occasions and for all office meetings. Wearing a red pencil skirt will set you apart from the crowd. But if you want to rock a red pencil skirt on some casual occasions then pairing it with a clean fitted cropped top will take out that formal vibe and infuse some casual or street vibe in your outfit.

8. Red skirt with an oversized red sweater

You know we cannot complete our list without an oversized clothing idea. Oversized clothing is comfortable and when paired right it looks stunning. If you are looking for an all-red vibe then pair your oversized red sweater with a red skirt, it will give your outfit a Korean-style vibe which is very popular and looks stunning.

9. Red skirt with ruff-fled blouse and grey blazer

At last, we have a pure formal outfit. Got an office meeting? don’t worry we got you covered. Pair your red skirt with a ruff-fled blouse and a grey blazer. This outfit is perfect for all formal occasions where you want to stan out. Tucking in your blouse will give you a sleek look that will further elevate this dressing style.

10. Red skirt with a leather jacket

Looking for some street vibes? Then throw in a black leather jacket with your red skirt. It will make you look chic and will infuse some Korean street-style fashion into your outfit.

These were our top 10 dressing styles for women using a red skirt.

What footwear goes with a red skirt?

You got all dressed up, now it is time to choose footwear for you.


Plain white canvas or some black canvases are perfect for a red skirt.

High boots

You saw this one coming right? High boots look amazing with a red skirt.


Women love heels. Pairing your red skirt with a good pair of black or red heels is a very good option.

These were footwear ideas that go well with a red skirt.

Parting words

A Red skirt is a very versatile piece of clothing and styling looks intimidating at first, because of its bright looks, but once you get comfortable with this there is no turning back. Even the most famous celebrities love wearing a red skirt during shoots or ceremonies.

Don’t be intimidated by red color because it symbolizes danger but rather embrace it because it is often paired with hot making it red hot.

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