short hair styles for men

Are you looking for a unique hairstyle for yourself that is easy to maintain? If yes, you need to pick the right one that can suit your face.

You can either choose a buzz cat to a crew or a faux hawk or else go for a taper fade. There are different types of hairstyles you can select for yourself and can become a different person by the next year. There is no secret that so many guys love to have a short hairstyle, and it is easy to style even after a haircut. 

Hence, a few will want their Short hairstyles to look fashionable. 

But thank god, there are so many short hairstyles for men nowadays. 

For us to help you to choose the correct one, we have got a list of the best Short hairstyles for men that we will discuss in this article later. First, let’s discuss how will you have a short haircut? 

How Will You Ask Your Hairstylist for a Short Hair-Cut?

Short Hair-Cut

Don’t just sit down and let your hairstylist do whatever they like. 

It is always essential to have many men’s hairstyles on your phone; these might be actors or actresses that you might have searched for by using Pinterest.

You can use actors/ actress pictures as inspiration for the best hairstyles for men, as you can make the same hairstyle as them.

Many excellent hair stylists will tell you that you are made for the exact hairstyle by having a short hairstyle; it doesn’t matter how it looks for your friend or family.

Your family might like it or not; there are so many different hairstyles from straight to curly, African to Asian and hence, you will need to think about whether your hair is thick or thin.

Here are a few aspects and more that can make you understand which short hairstyles will work. An excellent hairstylist will ask you many questions about what you wear- during the daytime, work time, and going to a party.

Then your hairstylist will ask what type of hairstyle will look good for you, but it should be on-trend.

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How To Maintain Short Hairstyles 

  • The short hairstyle looks at its best when they are the same, short.
  • Usually, your hair grows after two to three weeks; it will begin to look messy when your neckline is above your ears.
  • You must visit your hairstylist every four weeks. Hence, that’s if you can go on a daily schedule, or by making it after three weeks, as you will look untidy and messy
  • By maintaining your hairstyles, one of the essential things for guys is to have thick hair 
  • By getting your haircut short, it is always a good thing to ask your hairstylist to cut it to have some thickness, which allows you to touch your hands very quickly, hence removing some weight.

What are the Top 11 Short Hairstyles for Men?

To make your task easy, we have listed the top 11 short hairstyles that you will love for sure.

i). The Modern Shortcut:

This type of haircut is a hairstyle for short hair men. This hairstyle is not so short. It is military cut; hence, it is short by today’s generation. Also, it provides you with enough length to play along with it. 

It is a comfortable feel for the man who wants a concise, and it’s not by creating a fuss for the style, but yet it is a fashion. It is very flexible when it is for styling.

You can make it into whatever you like, from making it look like an average side to a famous guy.  These will give shape to your hair, and this is the reason why this cut is so famous.

ii). Classic Taper: 

If you look at the actors/actresses’ hairstyles, you will see this kind of a classic taper. It’s more of a traditional hairstyle, with fewer rooms to style. This hairstyle is something like a disconnected haircut. 

Classic hairstyle is old-fashioned and modern. With Taper, Your hair will get shorter,   and it will go below your head. The same thing, this taper will come past your ears and will go below to the topper part of your neck, which will make your hair grow naturally. 

Hairstyles for men with short hair are even.  A taper will cut your hair, which will turn out to be neat and search everywhere. 

Instead of the traditional style, the taper will give permission for a lot of possibilities. A lot of men use this taper hairstyle to show.

iii). Short and Spiky: 

There are a lot of men who think that short hair will look flat. Therefore, there are plenty of hairstyles that will prove that they can be short and will have loads of volume.

Beard styles for men with short hair are a kind of slightly spike style, which is an awesome example of the same. This hairstyle is very short, hence, the spike is right front, it is long. You can even adjust this hair to another style to get more density.

iv). Tidy Gentleman Hairstyle: 

Smooth and clean will be your new hairstyle after a long time.

These are the olden day’s hairstyles, that keep the hair very rough that is the same length which is on above your head; hence, it has an extra twist and turns with a fade side of Hairstyles for short hair men.

v). The Reimagined Buzz Hairstyle: 

This hairstyle has been for men who are outside of the military.

Braid hairstyles for men with short hair are famous for young boys hence, it has just come out in this trend to beat the other styles. One of the most famous options is to mix a very exciting top with a lot of faded sides to keep most of the thing short and very messy.

vi). The Hard Part: 

Meanwhile, the hard part is mostly a method and not a style by itself. It is sometimes used in the middle for hairstyles for men with short hair to add a bit more and a little flair.

Now, this hard part is short, it is to trim to separate from the sides from the above.

vii). The Slick Comb: 

The slick comb hairstyle is fully classic, and it is for an excellent reason. This hairstyle has a very smooth fifties look, but it is not out of trend. 

It can be a testament to what stylish a few of these old looks can be. Hence, it is a perfect choice for many men with short hairstyles who are after an elegant style.

viii). The Dyed Spike

Suppose you are a guy who likes to dye your hair, then this can be the best choice for you. 

Beard styles for men with short hair are famous- since the top of his hair is dyed, while the other is of the same color.

ix). High Side Part

This hairstyle has always been very common for men nowadays.

This style is very useful to use side papers with hairstyles for men with short hair. The reason is the depth that can add extra to any style. By adding the side parting to a hairstyle that is short, is like adding herbs to a meal- as it can be a basic thing for the other level.

x). Messy Layers

This hairstyle is like a normal style, known to be a layered hairstyle.

This hairstyle is short, there is a lot of volume and all thanks to hair being messy and layers from nicely. It has trimmed bangs and very nice sides, which can add an extra touch to the tidiness of the style.

xi). Short Fade: 

Hairstyles for men with short hair are based on different types of fades. A fade is a secret reason that can use a short hairstyle from 0 to 60.

This fade is very high above hence, you could choose another option for a lesser fade, but if you want a little body to your hair.


You can choose any type of hairstyle you want and tell your hairstylist to do it accordingly but in a different style. You can also take inspiration from Pinterest and make it a different type of look, as the hairstylist sometimes can’t do that type of style. You will have to maintain the hair after that. If you need to go for functions or meetings with your office colleagues, select the right hairstyle and earrings for yourself.