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Girls can easily come up with a simple front hair style, because obviously, we know how to style them even if we have short hair. No matter what the length is, we always look our best. Styling a front hairstyle can be classy and trendy. 

A modern haircut is what a girl needs. If you already have a good haircut then you should learn to be creative on front hairstyles. 

There are front hairstyles for long hair, short hair. Hairstyles for all ages, all hair shades. All you have to do is get the right front hairstyle and trust me you will be breaking hearts. 

Top 10 Simple Front Hair Style Ideas For Girls

In this article, we will cover the front hair style. To know more and look pretty, you will have to read this article to the end and apply all the front hair style at home, if you have time. 

1. Sleek Ballet Bun

This hairstyle is created for giving a bold and vibrating touch to your face. This hairstyle will go with all ages. Kids will look pretty and older women will look bold.

A sleek ballet bun is perfect for a professional occasion. It can also be styled with some pearls on it and a nice silk dress. 

If you wear heavy earrings with it, avoid wearing a necklace, keep it naked. And if you want to wear a necklace then don’t consider wearing earrings. 

2. Parted and Teased In The Back

This hairstyle is really attractive as well as simple because all you have to do is part your hair from the middle and sleek the rest of the hair back. 

This hairstyle goes with all shapes of face. If you are in a hurry but the occasion needs a presentable look, go for this hairstyle. 

Wear something casual or cover yourself with a long coat. Do your makeup minimally. 

3. Faux Side Bangs

Other than middle parting, you can also try a front-side hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you just have to take the front portion of your hair and pin it at the side of your forehead with a bobby pin. 

This hairstyle is cute and will go with a round face. Keep your makeup pinkish or nude. Don’t overdo it. 

A good-looking frock will absolutely go well with this hairstyle. “I am a barbie in the barbie world”.

4. Parted High Ponytail 

We know the singer and her face just appears when we talk about parted high ponytails. Yes, you are right, it’s Ariana Grande. Doesn’t she look cute but sexy as well? 

Do the same thing as Faux side bangs, but do a high ponytail with it. You change the side as you like. Keep the makeup easy and simple, avoid smokey eyes. 

A short dress, some rings, a big hoop earring and you are all set. 

5. Beachy Waves

This hairstyle is a casual one and goes with all ages. You really don’t need a curler for this, because I have a simple way to make your hair look wavy. Tie your hair into two braids, sleep tight as the morning is beachy all of a sudden. 

You can experiment with your makeup and see what goes well with it. You can also wear turtleneck clothes or a jumpsuit for a quick run for errands. 

6. Wrap Around Ponytail 

It was quite a trend when we could say bye-bye to hairbands. We all have bought thousands of them and lost thousands of them. Therefore wrapping your own hair around your ponytail and making it look like you have the same shade hairband is quite creative. 

The front of your hair must be tucked back to your ear, letting it flow. Don’t tie it with a ponytail. 

Your makeup should complement your attire, if you think of something vibrant, go for it. Or else just wear a t-shirt and a pair of pants and be natural. 

7. Two Half Ponytail

This hairstyle is quite easy and sexy. Leave some strands from the front of your face and tie two ponytails up high, leaving the back untied. You can dye your hair solid if you want a dollish look. 

Wear tank tops with them and shorts. Keep the makeup simple but you can make your eye makeup bold. 

This hairstyle goes mostly with a face with sharp features. Applying it to kids is your choice but to me, they will look more than their age. 

8. Low Side Ponytail 

If you are looking for a messy and sexy look, then go for this hairstyle. A v face shape is perfect for this hairstyle. Kids, teenagers, and adults, it’s for all. 

All you have to do is tie a low-down ponytail on one side of the shoulder. Then to secure the remaining hair on the nape of the neck, use bobby pins. 

Attires to be worn with it are clothes above your knee. Heels will go better with it and you will definitely look like a goddess that has everything sorted apart from your messy hair, which is intentional. 

9. Face-Framing Pieces

This hairstyle includes a haircut such as fringes or bangs. You can tie a bun or a ponytail, but the front of your face must have those bangs lose. It should be parted from the middle as it will give you a certain look.

Makeup should be light and glittery. The attire you will choose also has to be glittery, heels of course. End of discussion.   

10. Tight Ponytail 

A ponytail ofcourse, but the front has to be parted in the middle. Remember the parting should be very less, and not all the way to the center of the head. The next thing is to secure the front hair back, keeping the parting with bobby pins. 

A bold makeup, with bold eyes, a dark shade of lipstick, and a gorgeous one piece to make your date drop dead. 

Ending Thoughts 

There you go with simple front hairstyles, we have given you 10 hairstyles which I am sure you will slay. 

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