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The year 2021 was great.

But now it’s time to move on, cause its 2022 people: new fashion, new trends, new combinations, and whatnot.

The year 2022 is auspicious for the fashion industry and why shouldn’t it be, people are experimenting with clothes and making new drippy outfit ideas every day.

But there are some things that one can’t change and if you want to add more drip to your outfit then you should positively follow those things.

Outfits like oversized clothes, chunky sneakers, etc are becoming more fashionable which also means that fashion is moving towards a more comfortable form of clothing.

Also, there are some outfits like a nice 3-piece suit or well-fitted denim, a good shirt, etc which can never run out of fashion.

But today let’s keep those “constants” aside and look into what’s trendy.

Here we present you a drippy outfit idea for 2022.

Drippy Outfit Ideas of 2022

Here we present you outfit ideas that will add that extra spice, that extra “drip” to your outfit. 

1. Rock the prints

Printed t-shirts and shirts are in fashion nowadays.

Yes, solid and plain t-shirts are still in fashion but there is a huge craze for printed ones and If you want to add drip to your outfit then you should have some good printed shirts and t-shirts in your closet.

How to style printed t-shirts?

  • Don’t buy printed T-shirts with those lame quotes, rather buy a more subtle and classy printed t-shirt.
  • You can style your printed shirt with anything, a good pair of denim, joggers, etc.
  • Avoid wearing printed bottoms over printed t-shirts.
  • Combine printed shirts and t-shirts with solid pants, joggers, denim, or whatever you wish to wear. 

2. Oversized clothing

Baggy clothes or oversized clothes are in trend and if you want to add that extra drip to your outfit then you have to have some oversized clothes in your wardrobe.

Oversized t-shirts, baggy pants, oversized hoods, etc all of these things will add extra drip to your outfit.

How to style oversized clothes?

  • Pair an oversized piece of clothing with a fitted piece of clothing, like an oversized t-shirt with fitted denim.
  • Experiment with different fits. 
  • Get styling ideas from models. 
  • For oversized shirts and t-shirts try tucking them partially to give your outfit a stylish look. 
  • Oversized pants with converse are all-time classics. 

3. Old school fashion

This one is one of the best ways to add drip to your outfit, and that is to incorporate some old-school fashion into your clothing. 

Go surf your mom’s and dad’s era of fashion, you will find something for yourself. 

Here you can experiment as much as you want, try polka dots, jaguar print, and whatnot.

Having something vintage in your outfit is one of the best drippy outfit ideas. You can also copy some 90s hairstyles, they look great. 

4. Accessories

Level up your style game by adding some accessories.

Accessories may not seem a compulsory thing to wear but it surely adds more drip to your outfit.

Accessories like a chain, bracelet, watch, earrings (if you prefer piercing), etc are very good ways to add that extra drip to your outfit. 

How to style accessories?

  • Match accessories with the occasion.
  • Don’t overdo with accessories.
  • Keep accessories minimalist and cool.

5. Hats and caps

Going somewhere casual? 

Try a bucket hat.

Adding a hat or a cap is a very drippy outfit idea, they may you look cool plus protect you from sunlight.

Hats and caps are a very useful investment if you want to add drip to your outfit.

Find a hat that suits you and style it accordingly.

How to style hats and caps?

  • Hats and caps with baggy outfits.
  • Bucket hats with casual outfits.
  • Caps with workout outfit. 

6. Tie and dye t-shirts

Tie and dye t-shirts are a huge trend nowadays and the good thing is that you can tie and dye a shirt at home.

Tie and dye t-shirts are a perfect combination of abstract and minimalism, and it is a must-have if you want to add drip to your outfit.

How to style tie and dye t-shirts?

  • Tie and dye t-shirts with solid color pants.
  • Tie and dye t-shirt with shorts.
  • Oversized tie and dye t-shirts 

7. Sunglasses

If you are not wearing sunglasses in 2022 then what are you doing? 

Sunglasses make you look cool and saves your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are essential nowadays plus they add drip to your outfit.

Invest in a good pair of sunglasses and you will never regret it, I promise. 

8. Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers look amazing, especially with baggy pants. 

Yes, they may be expensive but you can find some deals if you look at them. 

Styling chunky sneaker is simple plus they give your outfit that much-needed drip. It is also a great investment as they are not going to run out of fashion for years to come, 

9. Converse

One thing that never ran out of fashion was converse your mom wore them and you will love them too.

Simple, classic, and inexpensive, they are perfect for all occasions and add drip to your outfit.

You can style them with anything you want and they will look great. 

The best thing about converse is that they are very affordable and give greater value than their price. 

10. Athleisure

Gone are the days when athleisure clothes were merely for the gym.

As fashion is moving towards a more comfortable form of clothing, athleisure has gained popularity and was added to the list of drippy outfits, almost all famous rappers and music artists rock amazing athleisure. 

Clothes with some sporty touch are trendy nowadays and you can even find top brands having a separate section for athleisure clothing.

Athleisure clothing is very flexible and can be paired in plenty of ways, this is what makes it super cool and drippy. 

Outfit combinations

Now that you know what is in fashion, now let me give you 5 combinations that you can rock.

  • Bucket hat + sunglasses + oversized t-shirt+ straight fitted jeans + converse. 
  • Cap+ off shoulder gym vest + shorts+ converse.
  • 90’s shirt + baggy pants + chunky boots. 
  • Black tshirt + silver chain + denim jacket + fitted black pants + converse. 

You can make infinite outfit combinations from the above trends and google is always there to help you with the combination. You can throw some accessories and a quality pair of sunglasses with almost any outfit to further increase its drip. 

Parting words

There you go 10 drippy outfit ideas that will add that drip to your clothing.

Fashion is moving towards a more comfortable and flexible form, and so should you. It is not about what you wear but how confidently you wear it. 

If you can confidently pull off an outfit then it will be a 10/10 for you.

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