Volleyball Hairstyles

A sports hairdo can never go wrong.

Among all the sports, volleyball hairstyles are a secure option, despite their popularity for their practicality and intelligent appearance. 

This haircut is ideal for anyone who wishes to seem skinny at the time. There are many daring trends and innovative appearances available nowadays. 

With so many possibilities, picking which attractive haircut style to attempt and where to try it might be difficult. 

Fortunately, we can make your selection easier by providing several cut-inspiring options.

Top 11 Easy Volleyball Hairstyles Trending in 2022

Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite sports hairstyles! Although these designs are intended for volleyball, they are equally appropriate for other sports. They will even be cute if you are a steroid injection for jogging or yoga.

Let’s check out the top hairstyles for volleyball here:

1: Tight Bun

The tight bun is one of the simplest volleyball hairstyles. It’s really simple and comfy. 

It also gives you a more polished appearance. 

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and then twist it into a knot by taking all of your hair and twisting it in the same way until it looks like a rope, then wrapping it on itself until it creates a knot. 

Then, secure it with an elastic band at the bun’s base, and you have got yourself the easy sporty hairstyles.

2: French Braid

One style to consider for staying focused during a volleyball match is French braids, which keep your hair back during the game. 

It is also one of the most fashionable volleyball hairstyles.

The weave may appear complicated, but creating a French braid is simple. 

First, comb through your hair to remove tangles. Then, starting from the top center of your head, separate your hair and begin braiding using classic braid methods. 

As you braid, be sure to include hair strands in each area, and you’ll get the volleyball hairstyles for long hair.

3: High Ponytail

It is critical to have your hair done and controlled on the court to have an easy game with no distractions. 

The high ponytail is a fantastic look that I constantly recommend as volleyball hairstyles for short hair.

It is one of the most adaptable volleyball hairstyles that are also extremely simple to execute.

Simply brush your hair well before gathering it into a ponytail and securing it with an elastic band. 

4: Criss-Cross Braid

If you want volleyball hairstyles for curly hair, this is for you.

Brush your hair to make it silky and manageable. Then, separate your hair down the center to create two even parts. 

Begin on your favored side and do a Dutch braid on either side of your hair. This creates your characteristic X braided style, the desired criss-cross effect. 

Begin at the top and work your way down until you reach the bottom. Securing your braided hairdo with a hair elastic will keep it in place. Tie each side separately. 

This braided part will be placed on top of the first braid, completing the criss-cross design. It is one of the most complicated volleyball hairstyles on this list.

5: Fishtail Braid

The hairstyles for volleyball players can’t get enough with this one. 

Because the fishtail braid looks better when it becomes a bit sloppy, you may wear it to your volleyball game without worrying about how messy it will get. 

This braid is identical to the classic braid; however, just two strands are used instead of three. 

You can effortlessly style your hair with this braid if you know how to braid.

6: Goddess Braid

Volleyball hair styles are really edgy and one-of-a-kind appearance that will make you stand out on the court. 

Simply separate your hair into two portions to get started with this style. 

Then, using the Dutch braiding approach, begin braiding from the top of your head to the rear. Repeat for the next part of hair until you have two strands at the back of your head.

Tuck them in until they seem to be braided in a circle. 

7: Pigtail French Braid

Another alternative to easy volleyball hairstyles is to stop braiding at the base of your head and tie both braids together with elastics, leaving the remainder of your hair in simple pigtails

You may also cover the elastics with tiny hair strands and secure each with a bobby pin, topsy tail, or a fresh elastic. 

You can achieve it with just one French braid!

If you prefer to keep things easy, you can have your hair cut in a salon and washed at home, and then apply this hairstyle

8: Dutch Braid

Straighten your hair and divide it into three portions. Hold the right strand in your right hand and the remaining two in your left. 

Allow the center strand to fall over your middle finger while holding the left strand against your palm with your pinkie. 

Cross the right strand beneath the center strand, then the left strand beneath the new middle strand. Before crossing the right strand beneath the center one, add a tiny portion of hair to the correct strand. 

Add a small strand of hair from the right side of your hairline to the correct strand. Cross the two strands beneath the center strand as though they were one.

9: Coiled Bun Ponytail

Volleyball players have various adorable volleyball hairstyles for short hair. First, make a low ponytail with your hair. 

Now, placing the ponytail at the nape of the neck, fasten it with a hair tie. 

Make many pieces of your ponytail and tightly twist each one until they curl in on themselves. 

These coils should now resemble tiny buns. Pin each bin to your scalp to keep it in place. Finish with a hair spray to keep the hairdo in place.

10: Messy Bun

The nice thing about long hair is that it allows you to move around freely. So if you want volleyball hairstyles for long hair, a messy bun will be just for you.

Although the sloppy bun is undeniably adaptable, it may be a nightmare for a lady with thick natural hair unless she follows this tutorial. 

Make a ponytail in the area where you want your bun to sit. Then, hold your tie and twist your ponytail into a bun at the bottom of your hair with one hand. 

Loosen many hairpieces and fix a bun in place using bobby pins.

11: Long Hair With A Cap

Cute and straightforward volleyball hairstyles are the greatest to attempt right now. However, the easy sporty hairstyles will always remain incomplete without this one.

You just have to keep your hair open and comb it properly so that it stays straight.

If you want to use a hair straightener, you can. This is one of those hairstyles for volleyball players that will only look good on long-haired women.

Now, style it with a cap, and you are ready to go.


Examine the most recent volleyball hairstyles in this article.

You may choose between a blunt or layered form. But, the nice thing about long hair is that it allows you to move around freely, allowing you to try all those attractive volleyball hairstyles. 

If you want to know more about them, ping us in the comment box.

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