Bridal Wedding Outfit

Choosing your wedding outfit is one of the most exciting times of the entire wedding planning process, but we are here to help you make slightly more sustainable choices when making your decision! You won’t have to compromise on your dream outfit with these tips, but you will be helping the environment and you are also likely to save money!

Tips To Make Your Bridal Wedding Outfit More Eco-Friendly

So, let’s get stuck in and learn a few tips to make your wedding outfit more eco-friendly. 

Go Vintage

The first thing you can do to make your wedding outfit more eco-friendly is to choose vintage! This can be something old, and vintage gowns give such a lasting impression and timeless addition to your day! If you have a vintage engagement ring, which is becoming increasingly popular, a vintage dress will compliment this perfectly. 

As well as having a beautiful and unique quality, by choosing vintage you are completely bypassing the need to create a new dress, which is very labor and material intensive. You will be showing love to a vintage dress that deserves its chance to shine once again. 

Rent Your Outfit

If vintage dresses aren’t to your style, a great alternative is to rent your wedding outfit! There are so many amazing companies out there that have hundreds of beautiful dresses to suit any budget. From cheaper options right the way through to designer gowns, you have access to a wide range of dresses that you might not find on the rack!

Plus, as renting is cheaper than buying, you will be able to afford a dress that you might not have been able to otherwise. 

When you receive the gown, it will look absolutely brand new. After you have worn the beautiful gown, it will be sent back, fully dry cleaned, and then loved and worn by another bride. This is such a great option that will help the environment significantly! 

Sell Your Dress

If renting or choosing vintage aren’t the right options for you, then after you have worn your dress, then you could sell it. A lot of materials and chemicals go into creating wedding outfits, so it would be a waste for it to sit in your loft for the rest of its life. You will have your beautiful pictures to admire, so the best thing you can do is sell your dress so it can be appreciated by someone else. 

Choose Something You Could Wear Again!

Although this one won’t be suited to everyone, something else you can do to make your wedding outfit more eco-friendly is to choose an outfit that you will be able to wear again! This could be a corset and skirt combination so you can wear the corset again, it could be a simple satin dress that you could wear for your wedding anniversaries or perhaps a jumpsuit that is easier to style again than a full wedding dress!

Get creative here and if you are having a slightly less traditional wedding and you want your outfit to follow suit, then looking for something you can see yourself wearing again is super eco-friendly! 

Final Thoughts

You want to look and feel amazing in your wedding outfit, but that doesn’t mean it has to be damaging to the environment! With these simple swaps, you can be more environmentally conscious whilst also having the dress of your dreams. Whether choosing vintage, renting your outfit, selling your dress after wearing it, or choosing something you will wear again is right for you, going eco-friendly will make your day all the more special. 

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