Korean Dress Style for Women

Korea is the fashion capital of the world. No matter what occasion you are going to, Korea has an outfit ready for you. Korean fashion is popular worldwide because it is easy, comfortable, and highly versatile.

When it comes to comfort then Korean dressing style is at the top of the list, I mean they prefer their clothes oversized. Most Korean dressing styles are inspired by street fashion.

If you are a newbie into this fascinating world of Korean fashion and are oblivious as to what to wear and how to wear, then don’t worry because, in this blog, we will give you 10 Korean-inspired dress styles ideas that you can rock. They all are very comfy and will surely give you a Korean look.

10 best Korean dress styles for women

best Korean dress styles for women

All these dress styles are based on thorough research on what Koreans wear on daily basis. You will find that most of the dressing style consists of oversized clothes, but that is the beauty of this fashion. You can even style oversized clothes and make them look drop, dead, gorgeous.

Let us now start the list of the 10 best Korean dress styles for women.

1. Flared/ bell-bottom jeans with a fitted top

Flared jeans are the go-to fashion in Korea. If you ever get a chance to watch a Korean fashion show then you will surely find models rocking flared jeans. Pairing a nice fitted top with flared jeans is one of the best ways to give your outfit a Korean touch.

As for footwear, you can rock plain white sneakers or a good pair of dad shoes. This combo will look bomb. This Korean outfit is perfect for your everyday wear or for some informal meetings.

2. Oversized top with denim shorts

Not only oversized jeans but oversized tops are also very famous in Korea. You can literally take an oversized top or t-shirt and throw on some fresh denim shorts and you are good to go. You can style a bun or keep your hair open or do whatever you want with your hair, this dressing style will go with literally anything.

3. Denim shorts with boots

High knee boots with denim shorts are another staple in the Korean fashion industry. Boots especially leather boots are paired with denim shorts. This attire gives them a long cylinder look.

Instead of boots, you can also add heels, as heels are also very famous footwear in Korea. This sassy outfit is perfect for night parties or informal events.

4. Oversized cardigan

If you are looking for something to wear in winter, then an oversized cardigan should be your choice. It is comfortable, warm and can go with a short or a pair of jeans.

During spring you can pair a cardigan with a denim shirt and boots or heels and during winter it will work as a perfect outer layer that will keep you warm and will look dapper simultaneously. Besides, you can also consider retro outfits for your next event.

5. Top with a mini skirt

Miniskirts are widely worn by Korean people. Leather miniskirts, denim miniskirts, or just plain miniskirts all are very popular.

Pairing your mini skirt with some boots and a fitted top will give your outfit that Korean touch. You can also pair your mini skirt with an oversized t-shirt. If you want to make it a formal outfit then go for a leather mini skirt and a well-fitted t-shirt with a pair of heels.

6. Oversized shirt tucked into skirt or shorts

Tucking your oversized shirt will give your attire a Korean touch. If you don’t like your loose shirt dangling then you can go for a tuck. Tucking your shirt in a pair of shorts will give your outfit a sporty vibe you can also layer your shirt by wearing some plain colored t-shirt that matches your shirt’s color. If you don’t like it tucked you can also knot the ends of your shirt. Overall, there are a variety of options you can play with here.

7. Knits over dresses

One thing that Koreans are obsessed with is wearing knits over their dresses. Be Oversized knits or fitted knits, Koreans rock them all.

Knits are generally considered out of fashion in the western world, but in Korea, you will find people rocking them everywhere. If you want to give your dress a Korean touch, then try throwing a knit over your t-shirt or crop top.

8. High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are another fashion classic in Korea. They are worn with a tucked oversized shirt or with a fitted crop top. You can also pair it with a cardigan, it is all up to you. Generally, the upper clothing worn with it is tucked into the jeans to give that sleek look.

The shoes of choice here is either a pair of sneakers or a good pair of dad shoes

9. Street look

Korean fashion is inspired by street fashion. Wearing full black, wearing a cap that matches your outfit, wearing oversized clothing, are all part of Korean fashion. If you ever get confused as to what to wear to give your outfit a Korean touch, then think of street fashion. Street fashion is very casual and cool. Do not shy away from Korean accessories as they are the real game-changers.

10. Hoodies with literally anything   

If there is one piece of clothing that Koreans can’t live without is a Hoody. Pairing a hoodie is very easy and requires very little effort. You can pair it with a pair of denim shorts or with some regular jeans.

You literally cannot go wrong with a Hoodie. It is a no-brainer to include this piece of clothing in your drawer.

These were our list of top 10 Korean dress styles for women.

Parting words

Korea has a very vivid culture and its fashion industry has deeply rooted in other parts of the world. No matter where you go you will find some influence of Korean fashion. Korea is also very famous for its men’s hairstyles. In total if you want to dress casually and still look chic then Korean fashion is your cup of tea.

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