Best Hair Bun Styles

When we talk about the easiest and one of the most stunning hairstyles for women, a hair bun will always be on the top of the list, and why shouldn’t it be it is versatile, easy to make, suitable for any occasion and looks stunning. You can rock a hair bun literally anywhere; it is one of those low-effort high-output hairstyles out there. It is a no-brainer to pull of a hair bun.

If you think that a hair bun is of only one type, the normal one. Then my friend you are completely wrong. There are hundreds of hair bun styles available out there. If you are oblivious to these hair bun styles then don’t worry because, in this blog, we will give you 10 hair bun styles that you can rock anywhere.

10 Best Hair Bun Styles for Women

Hair Bun Styles for Women

For every occasion, there is a hair bun style available. Don’t just limit yourselves to traditional hair bun, take a look into our list of 10 best hair bun styles to explore more and unlock the true potential of your hair bun game.

1. High bun

What can be a better way of starting our list than with a high bun? We all know about the beauty of this hair bun style. Comb your hair into a ponytail a then twirl your hair to make a bun, you can use bobby pins and a hair tie for assistance. Simple, classy, and suitable for all occasions, this is one of the best hair bun styles out there.

2. Neat low bun with half-hidden braids and bangs

Just like a high bun, a low bun also looks very elegant, to level up the low bun you can add a half-hidden braid across the top and leave some bangs on the sides. This hair bun style will be best for all formal occasions. It will give your old low bun a modern touch.

3. Half up half down

If you are confused as to which hair bun style will look good on you then you can be blindfolded consider a half up half down style bun. As the name suggests the upper part of your hair is tied into a bun but the back hair is let loose. It is the best option for women with medium hair length. This hair bun style looks chic plus it is very easy to make.

4. Messy bun

You can style a messy bun according to the occasion. If you are looking for a casual look then you can add accessories and go for an intentional messy bun, which means that you will intentionally be leaving bangs and tying a loose bun. This hair bun style looks great with accessories like clips, flowers, and headbands.

5. Pigtail buns

Pigtails are a classic retro hairstyle. Pairing pigtails with a bun is the best way to give a modern ad stylish twist to a retro hairstyle. This bun hairstyle is good for all hair textures and hair types. This bun style gives a playful vibe, you can rock it on any occasion be it a formal or a casual outing.

6. Double bun hairstyle

This bun hairstyle is suitable for women with long wavy or straight hair. You can pull off this bun on all occasions and you can even rock it at a wedding. It is one of the best wedding hairstyles for women. Two hair buns fused together looks stunning you can add accessories to this hairstyle if you want to make it fancier.

7. Curly messy bun

Got some beautiful curls in your hair? Then this bun style is the best option for you. It features a high messy bun with some intentional bangs left out in front. This hair bun style looks very elegant even without any hair accessories. You can pull this hair bun style on almost all occasions. It requires very low maintenance and is best suitable if you have thick and curly.

8. Bow bun hairstyle

Yes, you can tie a bow with your hair. You need to have long thick hair for this bun style. This bun looks very playful and cute. It looks something straight out from one of those Disney princess movies. If you want to elevate the looks of this bun hairstyle then try adding some hair accessories with it.

9. Braided bun

We all know that braids are hair bun’s best friend. In a braided bun, you make a bun out of your braided hair. It looks good in a low bun style. This may initially look intimidating to make but trust us it is very easy to make and is worth every inch of effort.  You can add some headbands or clips to further elevate the aesthetics of this bun hairstyle.

10. French braid bun

Want to make your hair bun look special for some special occasion? Then try making a French braid bun. To pull off this hair bun style your hair needs to be straight, smooth, and shiny. These three things are very important to execute this bun hairstyle, Hair products like hair serum will be very helpful to achieve smooth and shiny hair for this hair bun style.

Let us clear this, this hair bun style is not easy to make, it requires effort, it is one of those hair buns styles which actually requires some effort. But we promise you that you won’t regret pulling off this hair bun style.

These were our top 10 hair bun styles for women. You should definitely try them.

Parting words

Hair buns are easy to make and maintain. The real beauty of hair buns lies in their versatility. You can rock a messy hair bun at home and even at a party. If you want to elevate your hair bun game then don’t shy away from hair accessories, they will take your hair bun game from an 8 to a solid 10, and that too without any extra effort.

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