Baby Cut Hair Style

Nothing is more thrilling and intimidating at the same time when giving your baby a baby hair cut style. Children’s hair cutting is something you do very seriously and you have to be aware of the cute little rolls and ear folds.  

The eyes are the most important thing that you need to be careful of and your baby needs those pairs of eyes for years to come. With the help of the right tools and mindset, you can go through your baby boy haircut successfully. 

If you are having second thoughts, I understand if you opt-out and go for a professional child hair cut style. But as a mother I will suggest you get a doll and practice hair cutting because trust me it will help you both build a bond with each other. 

In this article, we will be covering: how to plan for a baby cut hair style. 

To know more about the steps of cutting childrens hair cut styles, you will have to read the article to the end. 

When Should Your Baby Get His/Her First Haircut?

As parents, we are always focused and ready for our baby to hit his first milestone and get introduced to the world of kids’ haircut styles. It’s different from crawling for the first time or walking. 

Babies tend to lose their baby hair in their first few months, so there is nothing to rush. You can wait for them to turn more than 1 year old, before turning 1 they will lose their hair. But you might have to cut them early if the hair falls on his eyes. 

Let me tell you something, shaving or trimming and giving your child a children hair style does not make their hair grow faster or thicker. It is an absolute myth. The hair will grow as per his hormones. There are various religious cultures and beliefs that surround the first hair cut of a child. It would be wise to consult someone religious. 

Baby Cut Hair Style – How To Cut It For The First Time    

Kid’s hairstyles are uncountable in number, but you don’t have to go through options right now, because it’s your baby’s first haircut. Here are some steps that you should consider while thinking of cutting your baby’s hair for the first time. 

It’s no rocket science, and above all, you are a mother, would you do anything to hurt your child?

Step 1

The first thing is to gather all your supplies and have everything prepared including your mindset. If you remember something that you do not have during the cutting session, then it definitely breaks the flow. Here is what you to gather:

  • Salon-style scissors.
  • A comb. 
  • A towel.
  • A cape to cover your child’s body. 
  • A spray bottle. 
  • A high chair.

 Do not forget your child’s favorite toy, because it is going to keep him busy and not focus on what you are doing. 

Step 2

The timing is very important, you better find a time when your baby is happy, otherwise, the baby will throw tantrums which will make you lose patience and some accident can occur. 

Make sure your baby is well-fed and has a clean diaper on. You should also make this session a bit fun for him, and tell him stories or sing his favorite song.

Step 3

Babies tend to listen and catch the vibes of their mothers, therefore if you want your baby to have a good mood for the day, which will definitely make the cutting session easier for you, you should focus on things that do not push him off the edge. 

It is suggested to buy noisy, interesting toys that you can introduce to your child. It will buy you some time for uninterrupted focus. The best thing is to give your baby their favorite snack, it will make them happy and calm while you do your work without any distraction. 

Step 4

Not all children are the same, some can be mesmerized with the tools and some can get scared. Therefore you have to think of a solution for the later scenario beforehand. You won’t have much time at that moment. 

If you see your child excited then tell him more stories about all the tools as you use them. Even if you have to make up stories. In the other scenario where you find your child being terrified of the tools, you better not force him, rather find things that would calm him down and listen to you. 

Step 5

Here are five steps in this step that you should focus on the most.

  • Dampen the virgin hair of your baby by using a spray bottle. 
  • Use the comb as it will help you to take a small section of the hair. 
  • The section of hair must be held between your two fingers and keep it away from the head. 
  • Snip carefully. 
  • Drop the cut section, move on to the next. 
  • Do angular cuts as it is easy to blend with the rest. 

Ending Thoughts 

Here you go with how to plan for a baby cut hairstyle, we have mentioned 5 steps and elaborated them, in the best way possible. Remember patience is a virtue. 

Leave a comment in the comment section and wish you luck. If you have any doubts you can also post that here, and we will try our best to come up with the right answer. 

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